A musical question from a wordy person

Music? Yes. Music.

Dear reader, you may have noticed in several of my books that I’m hiding songs in the stories. For instance in the Story of the Mimosa there is a reference to “Paint it black” by the Rolling Stones.

After this interesting, musical interlude I am going to ask you a question.

Progress on witchly writing.

Hilda the wicked witchI am currently writing chapter 34 of the 22nd Hilda book. Yes, 34 chapters of crappedy crappy witchiness! And due to popular demand, the story is longer than the usual ones (apart from the monster that’s book 3, The Challenge). It’s not done yet. And because of that I invite you all to participate in a little manner. This is where the music comes in. And the question.

Name that tune.

Musical notesYes. Now it’s up to you. What I would like is the name of a song. A song you like. The more the better. One of those songs will end up in the book. Probably in chapter 35, but I can’t be sure yet as that chapter still has to happen.

So now the floor is yours. Talk to me, people. Name your tune. In a comment to this post, over here at Google+, on Facebook or on Twitter!

5 thoughts on “A musical question from a wordy person”

  1. Living after Midnight by Disturbed. The original is by Judas Priest, but the Disturbed cover just rocks so much more in my opinion 😉

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