I know there’s a severe shortage of imagery from Hilda’s world…

Really. I know. You want more pictures of the witch, William, Baba Yaga, Shevaughn, Charisma and Green.

Sorry. That’s not going to happen for a while. Really, I’m sorry about that.


Not all is gloomy at yonder… something. I’ve been working on Secret Project Beta X. It’s a yonder something from Hilda’s world. And today you’re invited to come and have a look…

Click this image for a seriously, insanely large version.


Here you have it.

Your own, original, hand-made map of Sunrise!

I’ll add a new image that also shows the location of Hilda’s and William’s homestead as soon as I’ve made time to make that actual image. Map-making is serious business so it will take some time, but it will happen. This will be created under Secret Project Beta Y. Of course mum’s the word on this so I urge you to forget this immediately.

I really hope you like this little detour into Sunrise…


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