Happy New Year!

Dear reader,

Some may consider this a bit odd as New Year is behind us already. I don’t care. As long as it’s happy I’m all in favour of wishing you every good thing.

First of all of course I hope everyone entered this new year, 2017, with good health. If you’re suffering from anything, may this year bring you healing and comfort.

Next of all I am pleased to say that the work on Hilda 19 is going well. I’m slowly working my way backwards through the text (I agree, a strange way to read it but it’s worth the while for me) so it should be ready for publication “soon”. In this case that will take another month, maybe two, but with too many things in the non-book-world there is only so much time I can spend on writing and other fun stuff.

Even nexter (yes, I make those words up as I go along and need them), the work on the sequel to “Wanted: hero” is coming along well also. I’m over half the chapters in the first rework so readers in need of a good, new science fiction and a renewed meeting with Sabas and Reny are in for something special. I could of course tell a lot about it but I won’t. I’m evil like that. I learnt that from the best, and her name is Hilda.

That’s all for now as there isn’t much more worthwhile to tell.

All the best…


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