Hilda’s 18th adventure. It’s coming soon.

Yes, dear reader,

Hilda’s 18 adventure is coming soon. Book 18 will be called ‘Pirates’ and it will feature pirates. This might be very obvious to many people but we’re referencing Hilda the Wicked Witch so anything might happen.

Let me first treat you to the cover which I have actually completed today:

Hilda 18 Pirates

What is this book about?

It’s amazing how the encounter with a big, stubborn dragon can bring about new adventures. Dragging a big, stubborn dragon around makes William and Hilda run into pirates, but unsurprisingly that encounter happens in the weirdest of places. Our magical couple will of course try to put everything in place again. However… odd magic, a dangerous witch and a particular queen don’t make that very easy.

Sail along with pirate captain Hilda and discover treasures in places where you might not expect treasures! She’ll get you ‘hooked’. Arrrr!

The e-book is currently being processed by the big processors of Smashwords and Amazon. I have set the publication date to August 2nd of this very year – yes, that’s next week Tuesday.

The print version of the book will come out a lot later. I didn’t want to keep all you e-readers waiting longer than necessary!

2 thoughts on “Hilda’s 18th adventure. It’s coming soon.”

  1. Hello,
    I see that Hilda the wicked witch book 18 will be out in August. Can u please
    tell me what was book 17? I have book 1 to book 16 and would like to have 17
    as well. Thank u
    Joseph faithful reader.

    1. Hello Joseph.

      On the page http://www.paulkater.com/books-so-far-published/the-best-order-for-the-hilda-books/ you can find all the books (It is in the menu under ‘Books so far published’ / The Hilda books). You can see that “The Wytches Roone” was number 17, which you can find at http://www.paulkater.com/17-the-wytches-roone/

      You can also subscribe to my mailing list at http://www.paulkater.com/contact-3/mail-me-about-new-books-please/ and you will get an e-mail when a new book comes out. No spam, I promise.


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