Today is the big day

Dear reader,

Today is the big day. The day of the 25 year anniversary of Museum Ceuclum (our local history museum) and the presentation of “In de ban van de stier”, which roughly translated means “Under the spell of the bull.” At 1 pm today the festivities will commence.

Museum Ceuclum
Museum Ceuclum

It all looks to be great and wonderful, with something for everyone – young and old. We’ll be seeing a Roman emperor with some of his soldier, the Cuijk council member for culture, Rob Poel, will be present and also the sun has promised to show up.

hilda01For me as a writer this will be a special day as well. I’ve had many amazing experiences since I started writing, for instance the success of my series “Hilda the wicked witch” and the e-mails of so many people all over the world who told me what my books mean to them.

And today another highlight will be added to that list. The presentation of my book about Cuijk. A project of almost 3 years when I add everything up. 2 years of thinking about it and after that 1 year of research, writing, checking and getting things ready for publication.

Today will be amazing. Just a few more hours before things begin.

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