Everyday things of importance

Yes, dear reader.

postmanEveryday things can be of importance. Especially for writers who pay attention to detail. One of those occasions happened to me a few days ago as I walked home from the library. The rain had just stopped for a few minutes at that point. I saw a mail woman putting mail in the designated locations. Mail slots. Indeed. But that wasn’t so important. The important part started when suddenly she looked into the street and started waving. She was not waving at me. Then she called out, “Isn’t this great?”

This, dear reader, had me sort of puzzled. What is so great about handling mail? Granted, envelopes come in all colours these days, but still… the answer to this came a few moments later, when a fellow mail man came by on his bike. He replied something to his female counterpart which I could not understand, but then I understood.

These people are outside all the time. Also in the rain. And that very rain had just stopped falling down. That is something which makes mail people happy. It’s an everyday thing that not many may catch, but I think it’s precious. It’s something that might be useful in a story, as a little detail. But it could be an important one.

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