Book review – The Unfinished Song #1

Title: The unfinished song, book one. Initiate.
Author: Tara Maya
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 books out of 5 books.

Honesty makes me tell that I acquired this book when it was free. No arms were twisted for a favourable review though.

The book surprised me. It is well written and keeps a great pace. The characters in the book become well developed and the change from point of view to point of view is easy enough as the name of the character ‘in charge’ is announced clearly.

We meet Dindi, who wants to become a famous dancer. Good dancers in this world cast magic, and there is a good deal of dancing which proves that in this story. We meet lots of other people as well, all with their good and bad traits. The end of this book is very open, leaving the readers to guess what will happen – unless they get book #2. Which is what I plan to do. (And I shan’t wait for it to be free.)

2 thoughts on “Book review – The Unfinished Song #1”

    1. And it was an impressive book too, I really enjoyed it. I have the second of the series waiting to be read. But Maze first. 🙂

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