Happy new year. 2016 is here.

Proud to be a writer

Dear reader,

By most of the world has slipped into the new year. 2016. Most of it? Yes, some Arabic countries follow a different one. They had new year a few months ago; in our October of last year they went from 1436 to 1437. See, you learnt something new already this new year! It’s that easy.

BooksHave you been good and read many books? I only want to hear yes‘s to this of course, so I’ll block my ears for the nay-sayers who have their chance now.

And stop. Nay-sayer-time’s up.

Thank you for reading many books. Not only is this a thank you on my behalf, but on behalf of all the Indie writers, editors, formatters and cover designers who are working hard to deliver many pages of quality entertainment to you, day after week.

I’m looking forward to a new year of books. Books I have yet to read, and some books that I very much want to read again, just because they’re amazing. And books I have yet to write, edit, and publish. Hilda 17 is the next one on the conveyor belt to come out, I think. Might take a while, but it’s coming. On Twitter I already made a comment about the title. The title for Hilda’s 17th book will be “Wytches Roone”. Now if that doesn’t sound the same, you’re pronouncing it incorrectly. Trust me on this. There’s also a lot ado about a new Dutch book, which is getting some attention on my Dutch website, and the latest idea I got (last year, on December 31st in the morning actually) is the final push for a new story about Lily Marin, our Masked Woman.

May you all have a wonderful, happy, healthy, Bosporus – I mean prosperous – and great New Year. May the books be with you.

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