Beware the Wytches Roone

Hilda the wicked witch

Dear reader.

It is so. There is news about the wicked witch. Hilda’s seventeenth story is out in the open and ready for your perusal and entertainment.


The Wytches Roone.

Don’t play with one unless you want to go on an adventure you are not prepared for.

An invitation for King Walt to attend a festival in the queendom of Flamburgia is the start of a chain of events. Queen Velma shows a new side of herself, and Hilda and friends end up in a very strange world where nothing is normal. They didn’t mean to go there, but when a Wytches Roone is involved there is no telling what will happen, nor where you’ll go. The problem of course is: how do you get home?

You can find the book in the following places online:

The paperback is still in the works, but I’ll announce it when that’s available.

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