Nanowrimo. Start of day 7.

Dear reader,Environment

Today starts day 7 of Nanowrimo. So far things are going well. I’m pleased with my progress, which at this point shows 18.150 words. Sabas and Reny are travelling, and to give you an idea of the area they’re about to face I have added a picture of my recent vacation to the island of Lanzarote at the top of this post. Isn’t that just charming and inviting?

The story has progressed to chapter 11 by now. Do keep in mind that I already had part of this written, so not all chapters are official Nanowrimo chapters. I am however keeping track of the specific words written this month.

You will understand (perhaps not appreciate) that during this month work on other projects (like Hilda book 18) has come to a full stop. These projects won’t be forgotten though; they’re just on the back burner for a while. I’ll now leave you to your schedule, which might include interesting things like household chores, cleaning your flame thrower and sharpening your swords. I’ll check in again when there’s progress and/or something interesting to report.

2 thoughts on “Nanowrimo. Start of day 7.”

  1. My flame thrower is sharpened and my swords are sparkling clean, courtesy of too much non-writing time yesterday battling the gods of chaos and lost Internet connectivity! I have nothing left to procrastinate with, alas…

    On the other hand, it’s 3 am here in California, yet I’ve been writing for a couple of hours, and have caught up to the expected word count I should have been at yesterday evening. All I need is one more session today, and I can do that.

    You, on the other hand… Double-up today, and you can wave bye-bye to the half-way point of 50,000 words—from the other side!

    1. I’ll see how far the muse will carry me through Oldness (a desolate, grey area in my story) while battling laundry, shopping, cleaning and two cats who vie for attention. 😀

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