Grammar Nazis.


Dear reader.

Does this symbol mean anything to you? Does it perhaps even shock you? It is the Nazi flag. The flag that symbolised Hitler’s Third Reich. Don’t worry, I’m not going to take over the world. Yet. The flag symbolises something that bears down on me heavily though. You may know I live in the Netherlands which is a neighbour to Germany. In the 2nd World War we suffered a lot from Hitler’s goons. The Nazis. Which brings me to the topic of this post. The “Grammar Nazis”. The people who want to put things to the right concerning language and grammar.

concentratie kampWhy, I wonder, did someone choose the name Grammar Nazi? Someone who has no idea of what the Nazis actually did? And what happens to the victims of these Grammar Nazis? Will they be put to work in language concentration camps?

Really, come on. No language can ever be as foul and lowly as the Jews apparently were according to Hitler and his Nazis. Which user of language can be so lowly and foul that a Grammar Nazi has to act on her or him?

Is there a Grammar Nazi out there able to explain to me that this name is perfectly fine and respectable?

Grammar Police, fine. Grammar Hammer, fine. Grammar Purist, even better. But do the world a favour and stop calling yourself a Nazi.

I don’t know where you read this; on my blog, on Facebook, on Google+ or on Tumblr. If you consider yourself a Grammar Nazi, please stop following me, unfriend me, whatever. I don’t want to be associated with anybody who considers him- or herself anything related to ‘Nazi’.

Thank you. (I shall spare you an image of a mass grave near one of the concentration camps. I can’t imagine that even the toughest Grammar Nazi wants to be associated with such a view.)

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  1. Um, this is a phrase that’s traditionally used as an insult, not one that people self-apply. You might as well write “stop calling yourself a faggot” or “stop calling yourself a nigger.”

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