Book review – Rosehead

Title: Rosehead
Author: Ksenia Anske
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars out of 5


I had already read and heard things about this book. About how dangerous it is. It made it an intriguing book so I had to read it. Which I did.

Rosehead is not your average book about a young girl and her talking dog. It’s quite a remarkable one about a young girl and her talking dog. It’s written in a very well-paced way and never gets boring. Far from that even. Even when the young girl is asleep there’s a lot of action going on in Rosehead. If you decide to go there make sure there’s enough space beneath your bed.

Ksenia Anske wrote a very different kind of fantasy novel, with an imagination that’s impressive and catching. If you like remarkable books then Rosehead will certainly appeal to you.


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