Wanted: hero. The cover revealed

Dear reader,

Yes. It’s that time again. We’re at two weeks before a new book and counting. This time it’s a new science fiction release that I’m pushing out into the world of books, one that I am very proud of as I wrote this book in Dutch and English simultaneously. It was a lot of work and also a difficult task but it’s done.

Allow me to introduce you to the cover of Wanted: hero.

Cover of
Wanted: hero

When Sebastian Fowler sees a strange light in his cellar he has no idea what’s in store for him.
A weird journey to another planet and an unknown race whose planet is occupied by an even stranger race is only the beginning of an incredible adventure. Sebastian’s wildest dreams are no match for what’s waiting for him.

Please join me next week Saturday to see the first chapter of this science fiction novel, which will introduce you to the hero of the story: Sebastian Fowler.

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