Writing, writing, writing. Does it ever end?

Dear reader,

quill&inkIt may look as if I’m complaining. Trust me, I’m not. I’m just pondering the writing that I envision ahead of me. Let me show you what’s ‘in store’ so far.

The fifteenth book in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series has progressed quite far already. This is a good thing. Next month I plan to put down the basis for the sixteenth book of Hilda when it’s Nanowrimo again.

Then there is the sequel to A Girl Named Sandy that I am writing. This is a very interesting challenge as it’s an attempt to make this as good or even better as “Sandy” (which I still consider my best book to date).

I know there are people hoping for another Lily Marin book (which is something I’m looking forward too as well, honest!).

The plan to write The Story of the Mimosa in Dutch has started to become more a slow-moving reality than a plan. And I have heard from several sides that a sequel to Wanted: Hero would be greatly appreciated. (Wanted: Hero isn’t available in English yet, so far only in Dutch, but we’re working on that!)

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