Cover reveal: “Who killed the clown?”

Dear reader,

In two weeks I shall publish yet another book. Last month there was the fourteenth Hilda the Wicked Witch book. This month there’s something entirely different. It’s a murder mystery, and it has to be solved by a detective whose ways aren’t the usual ones. Because he’s a Pagan.

Allow me to introduce to you the cover of the new book!

Lester Jones isn’t your usual detective. He’s a Pagan and sometimes resorts to less common ways to solve his assignments. Lester also isn’t a famous, well-known detective, which is reflected by his lack of clientèle and his financial state. Until one day a client asks him to locate a missing person.
This is the beginning of a hunt for a lady and for the answer to the question “Who killed the clown?” The road to this answer leads Lester past many people and places, along which he also had to admit his love for someone special.

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