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Hilda the wicked witch
The one and only wicked witch.

I’ve been on vacation. Sometimes even writers take a break from normal life – but that does not mean a writer (this writer) also takes a break from writing. On the contrary. A lot has happened while I was away to Crete. The fifteenth book in the Hilda the Wicked Witch series has made a tremendous jolt forward while I was gone to do nothing. Edits on book 14 are done and I have a publishing date for you. It will be appear on November 9th. Why this date? Because November 9th is “Chaos Never Dies” day, and who knows more about chaos than our witch? Also for the following month of November (it’s the time of Nanowrimo again) I have the plan to write yet another book about the Wicked Witch. In this new book I shall try to shed some light on Hilda’s younger years. There may even be some more background information in it about her parents, and definitely we’ll learn more of her meet Baba Yaga and their time at school with the infamous Witch In Charge, Hepatia Strunk!

I hope you are looking forward to all this Hilda as much as I am!

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