Why do we read?

Dear reader,

I sometimes wonder about things. Today I wonder about the question you saw in the title. Why do we read? In school we read to learn things. Those are however not the books we’d usually choose, given the choice.

For me reading is a way to escape reality and learn about new ones. To venture into worlds that I can’t reach in this world. I also read to learn things that interest me (opposed to what teachers wanted me to read). Reading is a kind of wealth that has a value beyond money. There is a richness in reading. I once read a book called Dune by Frank Herbert. In it there is a race of navigators that use a substance called the spice to expand their mind so they can fold space. Books for me are that spice, the substance that allows me to expand my mind, to travel to places in the universe (through astronomy books and science fiction), to the past (through the books of e.g. Jane Austen and Emily Brontë) and into worlds we cannot see (e.g. paranormal and spirit stories).

If you have a moment then please answer me this question: why do you read?

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