Wizard checking in – about trees and Ents

Hi folks,

quill&inkIt’s me again, William the Wizard, all the way from Fairyland.

I’ve decided that this world and your world have something in common: not everything is what it seems. And the worrying thing is that this goes for here more than for there where you are. At least you folks can rely on something being a tree when you see one. Gods, those were the days. Here you have to check twice in some cases. Remember the Ents from Tolkien’s stories? They’re real. They’re here.


And believe me, you’ll do anything to stay on good terms with these guys.

They’re not just tree-things. They live, they think and they influence more than you’d say at first. Almost everything made of wood will listen to them. Got that picture? Now imagine you pissed one off and you’re flying along on your broom. Remember what real brooms are made of? See, I knew you were clever like that!

A few days ago the sweetwitch and I were visiting one of her friends, who’s almost one of mine by now too, and she told us how she’d heard that a friend of hers had seen how an Ent slapped at a passing sorcerer. Nope, that wasn’t a pretty sight from what she told us. So here’s my wise-guy advise for you guys: be careful around trees. If they get you, they get you for real!


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