Wizard checking in

Hi folks,
quill&inkSome of you may have seen that I somehow managed to get through to this world through Hilda’s crystal ball. Not knowing more or better I put up a few bits of information on another weblog. But then the impossible happened! Our scribe came to visit! Yeah, we’re still shocked and stunned about that. (Best not to let him know that, or he’ll think we didn’t appreciate it, and it was a good laugh for us. Afterwards.)

He should have known better than to just knock on the door and all that, but there he was. And we weren’t.

Well, all that got settled, he survived and now it’s business as usual. With a small change. The scribe thought it better to put my experiences down here, so before he left we managed to do something to the things inside the crystal ball and now I can write down my things here, isn’t that all kinds of magical?


Author: William

Former book salesman, now life partner of Hilda the Wicked Witch.

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