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azbloggingZ. Zopierama

Dear reader,

This is the last day of the ‘A-Z blogging challenge’, and for this final post I present you ‘Zopierama’. What is Zopierama? It’s a who. It’s a girl from another planet, a planet so small that its inhabitants didn’t even think it worth the trouble to give it a name. She appears in my book ‘The Story of the Mimosa’.

Zopierama is a bit of a nerd. Actually make that a lot of a nerd. Together with her boyfriend Barthomeu she works at a science and space centre, and the appearance of a boat turns her and his life upside down. They meet odd people (even odder than they are) and travel to strange places. They even reach our Earth!

Zopie (which is how Barthomeu her sometimes calls) is a fun and interesting character in the book, I think. It was a lot of fun creating the couple, being the geeky people they turned into.


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