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Dear reader,

What’s in a name? The question is asked often. Some say nothing, some say that a name makes a person. In this 14th post of the A-Z blogging challenge I want to tell you a bit more about some of the names I’ve invented for the stories, or where they came from.

First of course Hilda. You may just know her as Grimhilda (in which case you are not her friend). When I started the first story about the wicked witch, I needed a witchy name so I simply asked Mr Google about witch names, and Grimhilda was one of the first to appear. As I didn’t have much time to think of names at that point I decided to go with Grimhilda. Hilda for friends.

If you’ve read The Story of the Mimosa you have encountered Barthomeu. Little surprise probably that this is merely a deviation of Bartholomew.

In Hilda Lycadea we encounter an odd person by the name of Davdrew. I needed an odd name for him and tried to come up with something by saying aloud all the things that I saw lying around in my room. Believe it or not, one of them was a box marked DVD+RW. Drop the + and say it with me: DVDRW. There you go! Davdrew was born!


In Bactine there are a few names as well. Daniel Zacharias, for instance. I had already decided on a last name with Z when I heard a song by Elton John called ‘Daniel’. There I had my name. Another odd name in the book, for an animal this time, is the Kotrvayk. The story behind this has to do with the car I had then, with the licence plate “77 TR VK”. TRVK is difficult to pronounce and also boring to write, so I wanted to make the word sound more balanced. I added the last letter to the front (KTRVK) and while playing with the sound a bit (I am sure that must have sounded very odd) I ended up with Kotrvayk.

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Finally I want to touch Green Haven. The main character in there is called Priscilla, or ‘Prissa‘ for short. Her name is based on that of a character in the film Blade Runner, Priss. I had just watched that film again (it’s one of my favourite films) and I thought that Prissa would be a good name for my female main character. She, like Priss, has some abilities that you wouldn’t think of when you first meet her.


2 thoughts on “N. Names #AtoZChallenge”

  1. You have a great way of abbreviating names there. Love the shortening of names. You could hear someone introduce herself as Priscilla and think “Eughh!” Next one of her mates calls her Prissa and you’re in love with her! 🙂

    I have a character in a story called Albert Pound. His initials at one point are “LB” – on graffiti. It’s a minor mystery, and the story fills in the blanks. LB is really just a nickname that sounds like “Alby” and it’s also short for pound (as in the weight). ounces and lbs. You know? Okay, I’ll get my coat now. [LEAVES QUICKLY.]

    1. Your comment made me smile. Thank you for such praise.

      Your Alby is quite a good find as well, though, I love intertwixed uses of expressions, names and abbreviations that way!!

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