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K. K

Dear reader,

kI really wondered what to write about for this letter, the letter ‘K’. It’s interesting for me, not being a native English speaker, that there are so many words in the English language but the number of them that start with ‘K’ is relatively small (at least that is how it seems to me). Of course, there are words like Kindergarten, Knife and Komodo dragon but those don’t really sound like something worthwhile to blog about in this A-Z challenge. I’m after all a writer, I do things with words and books, not with kindergartens. The Dutch language (my native tongue) has many words starting with ‘K’. One of the products the Netherlands is famous for, cheese, starts with ‘K’ in Dutch: kaas. (You can pronounce it when you say ‘cast’ -with the a as in bar- and then drop the ‘t’. There, you learnt a Dutch word!)

Many English words starting with ‘C’ have a Dutch counterpart starting with ‘K’, like canon (kanon) or card (kaart). Incidentally also many German words share this trait (Kanone, Karte).

Hmm. Maybe I should write about Kings. Kings are interesting creatures. Perhaps next time.


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  1. Once again, my apologies. A long time ago I was talking with some Dutch people about the worst insults in the Netherlands. One of these words was a compound word, and started with what sounds like Kippen (I won’t go further than that). But I believe the English would be Chicken. They were discussing this word as an insult with complete earnestness. The tears of laughter were streaming down my face!

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