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I. Images

Dear reader,

Maybe you’ll find images a strange title for a blog post by a writer. Let me show you why it’s not.

What is the first thing you see when you look at a book? The cover. Image. Ah! There’s an image! Well, that concludes this post. Or perhaps not.

Mimosa320Hilda ExtremeMidsummer Night Adventure

An image tells a thousand words, and with books that’s the same. The image on the front needs to convey the message without telling it all. It is meant to attract you, the reader. And once you’re lured inside there are words waiting for you. Words that paint images on the inside of your imagination, taking you down colourful corridors and into the rooms, villages and countries of people you would never have met, had you stayed outside this book.

For some books, the Hilda series and a few others, I create the cover images myself. For other books I rely on the art, skill and wisdom of a wonderful lady in the US who creates the most amazing covers, not only for me but also for many other people. Her name is Renée Barratt and her company is The Cover Counts. It absolutely counts for me, and with this post I’d like to thank her for her fantastic creations.

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  1. Covers are really important to me. If I’m scrolling through a long screen of books with almost interchangeable blurbs, the cover can sway me to buy one and leave another. Shallow, perhaps, but it’s the truth.

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