H. Hilda #AtoZChallenge


H. Hilda

Hilda the wicked witch

This should come as no surprise, dear reader. If you know anything about me, that would be the wickedest of witches who at one point in history escaped from my brain, and who’s not left my side ever since.

Hilda the Wicked Witch has changed my life. From the many reactions of readers that I was allowed to receive, I can state that she didn’t just change mine but she also affected the lives of many other people.

That is something which still amazes me. Everything that started moving and happening after I wrote that first short story about Hilda has been an exciting journey and a beautiful experience for me, and I hope that it will keep going for many more years.

After twelve books about Hilda, William and their friends I’m still looking forward to writing more about their adventures. Book 13 is well on its way, book 14 is waving from the shadows, and who knows what will come after that. It could well be book 15, but when a wicked witch is involved that’s anyone’s guess!

I trust that you, dear reader, will let me know when you’ve had enough of Hilda, William and Babs. I count on you.

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