F. Fantasy or Future? #AtoZChallenge


F. Fantasy or Future?

Dear reader,

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For the letter “F” I couldn’t make up my mind, as you can plainly see. Fantasy is an important part of my writing, as I may refer to the antics of Hilda the Wicked Witch. Future however is important too, as that’s where we’re all heading from here. And it has a reference to Science Fiction, which is something I like to write about as well.

I think the biggest F in here is still Fantasy. It’s my favourite genre to read and also to write. For that reason I have started a new fantasy book about – hmm, perhaps I shouldn’t reveal that yet. Not to worry, Hilda and William aren’t going to disappear nor suffer from this new book. Also there’s an urban Fantasy in the works, so for the fantasy lovers there’s enough coming. At least I hope it’s enough!


4 thoughts on “F. Fantasy or Future? #AtoZChallenge”

  1. Isn’t steampunk a convergence of fantasy and sci fi?

    I like when hard sci fi is done well, I like when fantasy is done well, but I don’t like it when Thor appears alongside Iron Man. That’s a fantasy figure alongside a hard sci fi figure – a step too far for me! 🙂

    1. Steampunk from what I know of it is basically scifi originating in Victorian London and going from there without electricity. No fantasy involved in there, but then, scifi fans say that fantasy is a form of scifi and fantasy fans say that scifi is a form of fantasy. Who knows…

    2. I’ll add as well that steampunk is a genre unto itself, you know? So if there are fantasy elements in steampunk, so be it! Lost is a good example of touches of fantasy done well in a hard sci fi tv show, IMO. But it could’ve been executed more effectively in the end.

      1. I don’t know “Lost”, I’ve only heard of it. But I agree that steampunk should be seen as a genre in itself as there is so much from many areas. Airships, Steampower, Aether and other inexplicable matter, but also vampires and ghosts, werewolves even.

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