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Dear reader,

You may wonder what experiments have to do with writing. Writing is not a form of science. Science fiction at best, where anything’s possible. Still writers experiment too. With words, with styles, with images painted in expressions. You can see writers as verbal alchemists, trying to create gold from crude ingredients like thoughts, words, ideas and the characters that run around in one’s mind.

Granted, we usually don’t get further than fool’s gold, but it’s always worth trying another time, in another setting, another genre, another bunch of characters while we try to get it right. And once in a while, a writer comes upon a character or a topic that touches a few hearts.

That is when all the failed experiments are forgotten, when someone started feeling better because of something a writer created.

It’s for those experiments (and experiences) that many writers live and write and experiment. That is when persistence, as with more kinds of experiments, pays off.


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  1. Well said, Mr. Kater! You’re so right about those golden moments — and about all the fool’s gold that we have to shovel before we find some of those nuggets.

    Pleased to meet you in the A to Z challenge!

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