A trilogy?

Dear reader,

A while ago I wrote about an old story that I’m reviving by writing anew from scratch. I’ve started writing and it’s going very well I may say. As this is a story I’ve written before (and this may look as odd to you as it does to me) I know where it’s going. That is, if the characters in the new version play nice and cooperate with what I have in mind. That often is a battle in itself.

Based on this idea I have the feeling that the new version of the story will be packaged in a trilogy. Putting everything I foresee now in one book would make it a very large book. Shrinking the very large book down would take away a lot of story goodness, and that would be a shame.

I found it very interesting to have this sudden realisation. Never before have I actually planned writing more than 1 book about a character (not even Hilda), and now it just happened…

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