Old wine in new packaging?

Dear reader,

Very long ago, in a galaxy very close to us (because it was our own) a man from the Netherlands was invited to join an international mailing list of amateur writers. After reading many of the stories that people posted there, he took the virtual pen in hand (it was a word processor, not exactly the thing you expect in a hand) and started writing his own first ‘serious’ story. This happened over 7 years ago, in 2006.

celtic village
Image via http://www.museumwales.ac.uk

The story told of a young man from a small village in Britain, just before and during the time of the Roman invasions; a young man whose name was Rhys. For a while now I’ve been pondering that story, and I’ve decided that somehow I will revive Rhys. I’ll write the story again – at least I’m planning to take the beginning of that idea and start with that. I’m curious how that will work out, and if it will follow the same path as Rhys took more than 7 years ago…

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