More laughter – a new story


Yes, dear reader, if you follow my movements on twitter, Google+ or Facebook you may have run into the strange acronym TDUDJ. It’s not something that one of my cats produced while taking a walk over the keyboard.




My cats. Yes, I’m proud of them so I show them off today. If you don’t know them: Obsi on the left, and Grim on the right.




So, back to TDUDJ. It’s a humorous story. I found that I’m not half bad at writing funny stories so I ventured into this, a new one. It’s also a paranormal / ghost story. I’ve not gone into that realm before so it’s a challenge, but so far someone who does the test-reading for it is rather positive about it.

TDUDJ stands for the opposite that you often here at a wedding, which is “Til Death Us Do Part“. The story’s name will (probably) be “Til Death Us Do Join“. Who will be joined to whom after death? I’m not going to tell you yet. You’ll have to wait for TDUDJ to come out…

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