Character questions

Dear reader,

A while ago I asked around if there are people who would like to ask a question to one of the characters in my books. Well, now is the time for the answers to be revealed! Here are all the questions, I’ve shortened the names of the questioners to their initials so they can find their question and of course the answer.

QuestionDW – William what do you miss the most of our world besides coffee?

Telephones. Trust me, it’s telephones. This is a really nice place to live in when you’re used to it, but for each and every little thing you have to grab your broom and head out, unless there’s a witch or other magical you want to contact. They usually have a crystal ball or a magical mirror to talk through, but the rest of the area, the wide area, is frustratingly lacking decent communication options. I mean, even if we want to see how the new magical mirror is doing, we have to take a trip to the village! And we’re the lucky ones with brooms. Imagine having to do that with a horse-drawn cart every time. I hope that answers your question!

QuestionJS – I’d ask Hilda if she would teach me to be as amazing as her.

Hey JS, I’m glad you think I’m amazing, because I think so too! There’s a bit of crappedy crap in teaching someone to be  amazing. It’s something you have or you don’t, so let’s hope you have it. If you ever want to come over and see how well you’d do on a broom over a forest against a handful of dragons, you’re always welcome. We have a spare room, the cats are mostly friendly and you might even survive the kitchen. That depends on whether or not the house likes you. (I think house and kitchen work together, you know.)

Question KD – House, why don’t you want your walls pink?

Dear KD, thank you for addressing me. Not many seem to understand that a house has feelings too. I do wish to know what gives you the idea that I don’t want my walls pink? That has never been discussed inside my many walls. So far it has only been purple, and we know where that comes from.

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