Writing madness

Dear reader,

don't panic

I have not gone mad. At least I think I didn’t. Of course, trying to decide on that from inside a mad state would be rather mad, don’t you agree? I’ve not started writing about madness either, although the previous part might be proof to the contrary.

I’m talking about the madness that can come up from around writing. The madness I am now experiencing comes from the occasional bout of wonder if I will ever be able to do everything I’m working on now. (I’m not even looking at what’s in store in the future!)

As I am writing “Hilda 13” and a new story which I’ll code-name LAD (it’s going to be a paranormal funny) I’m putting the last 15 chapters of the Sandy/Bristol story in the e-book file. Also I’m doing the last reread of the Dutch Sebastian/Hero story before I dare send it off to a publisher. After that (or perhaps during that) I plan on going over the English Sebastian/Hero version to keep my editor busy, who by then will have sent back the novel of Lily Marin to keep me busy. And when that’s all done – or maybe not – there’s the story about Clara’s Eyes that I wrote during last year’s Nanowrimo, which is waiting for a good look-over and partly rewrite.

All that may mean that I’m not writing as much as I could or should, but the stories that are written need that bit of spit-and-polish to make them suitable for all you people who will hopefully enjoy them.

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