I’m busy with words.

Dear reader,

It’s a bit insane at the moment. I may have written a little too much lately! At the moment I am slowly doing final checks on a story which will be named “A girl named Sandy (and then things changed)”. It’s a science fiction involving aliens, spaceships and an astrophysicist. And no, his name is not Sandy. This is probably the next book that comes out when Hilda 12 is in the stores. The story starts like this:

“Doctor Carmichael, please tell me that this was an accident.”

Paul Eric Carmichael, the man who was supposed to answer the question, was still blinking his eyes after the blinding flash that had come from the monitor. “It was an accident, professor. I hope you are content with that.”

“I am certainly not. Are you in any way aware of the cost of the equipment that you just attempted to reduce to useless parts?” the first man asked. This was Professor Doctor Sams, leading the astrophysics department of the University of Bristol.

“Hardly attempted,” a third voice joined the conversation from behind a moderate mountain of displays and measuring equipment, on which most lights had gone out. “Sorry, professor, but it looks as if we actually managed it.”

I’m also working on correcting the Dutch version of the “Sebastian” stories, which includes altering many things in the English version as well. That story might get the title: “Wanted: hero. Experience optional“, but that’s not certain yet. Those two books are up for publication after “A girl named Sandy“. And after those I’ll get to work on the Nanowrimo story of last year, “Clara’s Eyes“. That requires a lot of rework. And in between all those projects I’ll continue writing Hilda 13 and try to finish the novel about Lily Marin.


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