Dear reader,

I agree that “Bristol” is a very strange title for a blog post. Still it has significance for me. It’s a reference to a story that I dreamed of when I was in Bristol in 2012. One night I had a dream about a story, dismissed that as not important, and two days later I was writing like crazy to get the story’s mainline down. It took a while, but today my editor returned the last set of chapters to me and her response to the entire story was:

I loved it, was really good and a good few twists and turns that kept it interesting and I did wonder where it was going at times.

Getting such feedback from an editor is a good sign, I hope the story will be as good for everyone who reads it. I’m now going on with looking over her edit-remarks, change a bunch of things she pointed out (consistency sometimes runs off to play outside) and I’m going to see if I can decide on a proper title for the story. Just “Bristol” isn’t exactly something that appeals as the title for a science fiction story, I think.

Do let me know if you think differently. And with this post I’m leaving you to enjoy the last bits of 2013 (unless you already moved on, in which case I wish you happy 2014)!

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