Author Interview: Maer Wilson

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Here is another  interview with an independent author. May you find it informative, entertaining, and perhaps even inspiring to go out and locate her books!

This interview is with author Maer Wilson

Dear Maer, can you offer us a little insight into who you are?

Thanks so much for having me on your blog today, Paul. I’m eclectic. I like a lot of different things, whether it’s food, music, books, movies or art. I can listen to opera or bluegrass and be happy with both. I love playing online games – the MMO kind. My current main game is Star Wars: The Old Republic, but I also play Guild Wars 2 when I have time. I enjoy crafts, but sadly have little time for them anymore. I love my dogs, collect dragons and, of course, live in a fantasy world when I create my characters and stories.

What is the reason that you started writing? When did you start writing?

Unlike so many others, I’m new to the writing gig. I tried a play in 2000. It was awful so I rewrote it as a screenplay several years later, but I never did anything with it. I only decided to try to write a book in 2010. The characters were in my head and I thought: why not?

Are you writing under a pen-name, do you use your own, or is your work out in both ways?

Well, it’s a penname, but also my name. Maer is a relatively new spelling of my nickname. My real name is Mary, but many friends call me Mare. When I decided to write I knew I needed to figure out something I could use, since Mary Wilson is taken (one of the Supremes). I also didn’t want to be a pony (Mare), so played with the letters and came up with Maer. I’m keeping it. 🙂

What, do you think, is your best book? And why is that?

I think this newest book, Portals, is the best, so far. Hopefully, I’m improving with every book/story I put out and learning from each one. I think the story is becoming more developed in Portals. Of course, it’s hard to say until the reviews start to come in.

Naturally, after the best book, what is your worst, if there is one? And why do you feel that way?

Well, I only have two books out and two novelettes and I don’t think I’d put those in my worst pile. Probably the worst thing I ever wrote was the play back in 2000. It had potential, but was pretty bad.

How do you think your writing has changed over time? Did it change at all?

Absolutely! I’m learning as I go and I’ve learned to let the characters tell me their stories. My style changes depending on what I’m writing. I have a Biography/Memoir I’m working on and the style is completely different from my Urban Fantasy series.

And can you say that writing has changed you?

Well, I’m certainly a lot busier than I was! I no longer have time to play online games for hours every day. Instead I have to sneak in my game time.

What is the most daring thing you ever did or tried in your writing? In which book did that happen?

The most daring will be this Biography/Memoir I’m currently working on. It’s about my ten-year friendship with a well-known author. Having to go back and remember things from thirty to forty years ago is a challenge. 

And, if your feel up to it, what is the most daring thing you ever did in your life? Feel free to skip this one, not everybody is up to revealing much about themselves…

Writing at all is the most daring. I knew a lot of authors when I was young. I was an actor and never considered myself a writer, even though I did a lot of writing in my character studies for the stage. While I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself in writing, I had friends who were major successes as authors. That is intimidating because they were/are so fabulous. I’m not sure I’ll ever have the complete confidence as a writer that I had as an actor.

Is there something you still want to have a go at, in your writing life? Is there a challenge you envision that’s worth pursuing?

Always. I have Book 3 in my series to finish, the biography to write and another new series planned and a stand-alone historical fantasy that spans 550 years.

Has your writing ever been compared to the writing of another (perhaps even famous) writer/author? And do you like that?

I’ve had Relics compared to Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. I haven’t read his books, so I don’t have an opinion on that. And I guess I’ll have to wait to read his until I’m done with my own series. 🙂

Do you have one or two favourite books (written by someone else)? If so, what are they, and why do they appeal to you so much?

Not books, but series. George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire and J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series.

Which book you ever read would you label as least readable book, so far? Feel free to comment as liberally as you want to the why.

I used to pride myself on always finishing what I started to read. However, the last few years with my time constraints, there’s quite a few books I haven’t finished. I’m not sure I could pick one book as unreadable, though. 

Is there a book that you know of that should never have been published, in your opinion?

Everyone has different tastes, so to claim to be an authority on what should or should not be published? Yikes! I may have some I’d never buy or read, but it’s not for me to tell someone else they shouldn’t read it.

Is there a writer that you would love to co-write a book with? And what genre would you like to write in then? Something you’re familiar with?

George R.R. Martin. I have no idea what I think I’d write with him. His characters and writing are brilliant though, and I’m sure I’d learn tons.

 Let’s see… is there something in the realm of ‘wise words’ you once picked up that you would like to share? This does not have to be limited to writing, there is more to life than writing. At least, I heard there is. 😉

LOL…Well, of course there is more to life than writing. There’s READING! 🙂 From a college Directing class “Direct from the positive, never the negative.” That means motivate from the positive, which I think is a good life-lesson. As long as I’m doing things for positive reasons, and leaving negativity out of it, I figure I’m doing okay.

And as a last question, what is cooking with you? What’s your work in progress? Is there a tip of a veil that you can lift for us?

In addition to the Biography, I’m finishing Magics, Book 3 of The Thulukan Chronicles. I can’t say too much about it because it would create spoilers. I will say that the return of magic to Earth has a major impact on the planet and humanity in general.

If there is anything else you would like to share, for example a thought, some promotion for your book(s), then here’s your chance!

Paul, thanks again for letting me visit your blog today! It was a blast.

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Thank you, Maer, for your time, and for sharing your words with us!

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