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As the year is running to an end you might be in need of something epic to push you over the last bits. Today’s Indie Promotion might be just what you need. I present:

Embers of a Broken Throne

by Alexandria Publishing Group author Teryy C. Simpson

Ebook Short Description: In the aftermath of a titanic battle, Ancel and the remnants of his people are  fleeing to Benez, a city reviled by the world. Hunted by Tribunal assassins and  shadelings, he must fight to see them survive even as corruption creeps across  the land, and his father battles for sanity.
Ryne continues to hold fast to his secrets, but suspicious of those around him, he makes a shocking  discovery of his own, one he dare not reveal.
Still struggling with the loss of her parents, her feelings for Ancel, and her hate for Ryne, Irmina comes  into her power as a Beasttamer, and is exposed to knowledge that could kill them all if the enemy sees through her act.
Meanwhile, the Nine continue to pull strings, and the armies of the Tribunal and Amuni’s Children march, their ultimate goal to see an end to Ancel and the Eztezians, and to breach the  prisons of the gods. But true to form in Denestia, many things are not  what they seem.

Embers of a Broken Throne is the fourth volume of Terry C. Simpson’s epic series, Aegis of the Gods.


Where to find: this e-book is available from Amazon.com.
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