APG Indie Promo: Shadows on the River

Dear reader,

It is Monday again and the end of the year runs close. Let me present to you today’s Indie Promotion which may help to alleviate the shadows of last year:

Shadows on the River

by Alexandria Publishing Group author Linda Hall

Ebook Short Description: I was only fourteen when I witnessed a murder on the riverbank. A murder that went unpunished. Unless you count what happened to my family. We were forced out of town by the teenaged killer’s prominent parents. And the murder was forgotten–by everyone but me. Now, the killer is a respected businessman. I can’t let him get away with it. But I’m a single mother with a child to protect, what can I do? The new man in my life, Mark Bishop, warns me to be careful. For there’s already been another murder. Close to home.


Where to find: this e-book is available from Amazon.com.


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