Book review – Mortal Engines

Title: Mortal Engines
Author: Philip Reeve
Genre: Scifi, Steampunk
mortalenginesFar in the future, very far into it actually, cities will be on the move. How they do it, you can find out in “Mortal Engines”, the first book in the “Predator Cities” series where Tom Natsworthy, Historian Assistant Class 3, has the time of his life, and that life is being tossed upside down when he tries to save the life of the Head Historian of London.

His heroics are appreciated in a very odd way, and soon he finds himself town-less, and at the mercy of the outside world. Many travels and encounters lie waiting for Tom and his unexpected female companion, Hester Shaw, and as the story progresses, more and more becomes clear about her  and her parents.
Mortal Engines was a fascinating read with a lot of action, an interesting depiction of the world where towns move and the Anti-Tractionists try to stay where they are. Many aspects of the world created by Philip Reeve feel like steampunk to me, although there is a lot of everything, so there must be something for almost everyone.

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