Book Review – Alternating Current

Title: Alternating Current
Author: John Agostino
Genre: Thriller

I discovered this book while it was available for free on Amazon, and since its back cover text mentioned Nicola Tesla I had to read this. After all, Tesla was a genius and he is also a star in many Steampunk books.

William Trbojevic, to most people better known as Turbo because of his impossible last name, is a descendant of Nicola Tesla. His shop is not doing very well. His marriage isn’t doing very well either. “Alternate Current” throws him into a whirl of incidents and meetings that throw his life, and that of the people he gets involved with, into a maelstrom of action. Secret agents, FBI, CIA and people who work in a book shop are all mixed into this well-paced story that offers many twists and surprises that will keep you occupied and entertained for the duration of the book.

If you like a story with action, humour and fast scenery, I can recommend this one. And do ask for Tevin as your taxi driver when you go to the Bahamas. For $50 he’ll take you anywhere.

Personal note: to me the book is written in a somewhat odd way in the use of punctuation and how some sentences were constructed in places. This is of course no reason to skip the book; each writer has his or her own style.

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