The Story of the Mimosa is now available

Dear Reader,

It is with lots of pride and a sense of accomplishment that I can announce the birth of a new book.

The Story of the Mimosa is online and available via Smashwords (go here) and (go here). More shops will come as time progresses, but for now those two will have to do.

This is the story of the Mimosa, a black sailing ship (with red sails) that travels through space, and boldly appears where no space-faring, black sailing ship has appeared before, regardless of the colour of its sails.

This is your chance to join the Mimosa. Find out where it came from, where it was stolen, how it roamed free, and how an Italian mail man from the 1960s came on board this remarkable vessel.

If you love Douglas Adams’ “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, you’re bound to enjoy the Story of the Mimosa as well. Don’t let the metal suit fool you: there is no paranoid android. The suit and the ship belong together though, and there are plenty of other hilarious surprises!

I hope you will appreciate this new book, which is filled with fun and alien banter!


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