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Many people complain about Mondays, but where would we be without Monday as it’s the day for our regular Indie Promotion:


by Dennee Smith

Ebook Short Description: Born to a father who is a vampyre hunter and a mother who is a Black Swan a vampyre’s greatest ally, Lyssa Alexandrov has been unknowingly torn between two worlds. Left in the dark regarding her supernatural heritage until Local vampyre John Fielding takes an interest in her and her father is forced to reveal the secrets he had worked so hard to keep secret for so long unfortunately Alexander could not reveal everything regarding Lydia Lyssa’s mother and John Fielding is able to inform the young woman the black swan destiny her mother had for filled was now also her destiny.

Lyssa’s world is turned upside down as she matures physically, emotionally, sexually not to mention some newly found abilities as two vampyre’s and a vampyre hunter race to stake their claim and name her as their mate, not to mention those who wish to destroy this coming of age wonder.

As Lyssa’s vampyre hunter training begins with her father and with the blessing of her vampyre lover, both vampyre’s and hunters alike are surprised and pleased with Lyssa’s natural skill and new found abilities which raise her potential. A woman with Lyssa’s abilities could potentially destroy either race if she chose to, will the black swan choose to follow in her fathers footsteps and help eradicate the vampyre race or will she join the vampyre’s and fulfill the ancient prophesies that predicted the black swans future many years before. Either path will lead to an interesting journey for the enigmatic young woman.

And then there’s the watcher…….

Eighteen is a novel of love, loyalty, and seduction which leave promises of a thrilling read for mature readers.


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