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Dear Reader who uses electronics to read,

Here is a critical question for you: what to do when your battery runs out?

empty battery warning

Panic? As someone who likes to read, I know of this problem first hand. Do you too? And if you do, what is your line of action to make sure you can read on in case this kind of disaster strikes? I’ve heard of people carrying paperbacks with them. Paperbacks, although much larger than e-readers, don’t run out of power, so that makes sense. My strategy is a bit more complex, but so far it’s worked great for me.

Strategy. I fixed my problem the electronic way. I have a 7″ tablet and a rather large phone, both running Android. Both devices have the same e-reading software on it, called Moon Reader + Pro. Why the Pro version? There’s the trick. I have configured Moon Reader to save the last-read location of each book online. You can choose between Google Drive and Dropbox, or use both. If the tablet runs out of power, I fire up the reader on my phone, open the book, and Moon Reader checks where I stopped reading. It then asks if I want to continue at the latest saved location, I say yes, and off we go. 🙂

Tips. If you need some tips on saving power on your e-reader or tablet, follow this link to E-readers In Canada!


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  1. I tend to watch my battery pretty closely and keep it charged. However, if it’s low and I don’t have time to charge it before I go out, I just make sure to find a table with an electrical outlet and plus in my device while I’m out and keep reading. It’s a bit trickier at home, since there are no outlets close to where I sit to read, so then I have to switch devices (it’s awesome to have both a Nook and a Kindle) while the other one charges.

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