During my absence…

Dear reader,

The last 10 days flew by. I was away on a vacation, one that was desperately called for. Life is busy and hectic, we probably all know that, so I sought an escape to Fuerteventura. That is perhaps the most uninhabited of the Canary Islands (off the coast of West Africa, with Morocco almost in spitting distance. (Okay, not really that.)

On the road to Corralejo

It was wonderful there, sunshine, nice people, great food, and lots of doing almost nothing at all for the first three days. Only sleep and bask in the sunshine doing nothing but warm up, get a tan and read a lot. And I asked the lady in the kitchen to marry me, because she’s amazing with food. She had a few conditions though, and one of them was that I move to the island. Alas, I don’t see that happening quite yet.

But I am back, refreshed and a bit tired from the trip. There is some good news in the works!


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