Indie Promotion – Union of Renegades

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It is Monday again, so I present to you today’s Indie Promotion:

Union of Renegades: The Rys Chronicles Book I

by Tracy Falbe

Ebook Short Description:  A fantasy book where raw ambition, desperate need, and ancient evil meet.  In this opening novel of The Rys Chronicles you’ll meet a man scarred by bad deeds who answers the call of a heroic cause. An unconventional heroine will tug at your sympathies as she bravely faces adversity with all the strengths and vulnerabilities of her womanhood. And overarching it all are the rys. Their magic makes them superior to humans, but they are not above employing humans in their deadly schemes.

Where to find.
You can find the e-book on the author’s website where it’s available for free in several formats.

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