Nanowrimo 2013

Dear reader,

In November the madness will strike again, and as in the previous years I plan to participate. I’ve had many ideas about what to write for this, my personal seventh edition. I started with no idea, then one idea, after that there were lots of them and I faced the choice – something that can be difficult as many ideas were very promising.


Then ‘disaster’ struck. Please note that this word is in quotes, it wasn’t proper disaster. I found a pre-made cover image that got to me and hasn’t left me since. I’ve contacted the maker of the image (the same artist who created the cover for Green Haven) and she sold it to me. She’ll keep it safe until I have the title for the story.

I already have ideas and notes for it. It’s going to be an urban fantasy story and the urban part will play a bit in New York and mostly in Midlothian, Virginia. (I think.) Why there? It was the first interesting name I encountered when I looked at a map of Virginia. And why Virginia? I was thinking of the Edgar Rice Burroughs books about Mars, and captain John Carter was called ‘Virginia’ there. (I never claimed to make sense!)

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