Grammar. Grammarly.

Dear Reader (and I am looking at you especially, fellow writer),

I used Grammarly to grammar check this post because my inner editor is no match for my typing speed. (Also my real life editor sometimes has a hard time with me, so if there’s anything I can do to make her life easier, then Grammarly is the way to go.)

Grammarly? What is that, I hear you ask. Grammarly is an impressive tool that can analyse a text and point out any flaws, weaknesses and possible mistakes. The way this system, even the web-based version, looks at a text and tell you where you may have gone wrong is impressive. Are you confused when to use “as” and “like”? “Affect” and “effect”? Grammarly will come to your help. Are you abundant with commas? The tool will assist you in removing the ones you don’t need. When you click the ‘Start Review’ button, a large set of checks is unleashed onto your unsuspecting words, and they will be set straight where needed. Grammarly isn’t a totalitarian state though. All the possible changes are suggestions that you can apply or ignore at the tap of a button. Specific unrecognised words and for instance names that you often use can be added to your personal dictionary, and from then on Grammarly won’t bug you about them again.

For people who sometimes slip into the habit of misusing words or phrases, Grammarly is a wonderful aid.

Here is a detail of this post, as checked by Grammarly:

(Click image for the full version)

If I have made you are curious about this program, go to and have a look for yourself! It’s worth it.

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