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Audio-books. Have you tried them? Do you like them?

I’m not a particular fan of audio-books but I can understand the attraction of having someone read a story to you while you’re busy with something else. Or when you’re just sitting somewhere, enjoying the soothing voice of the person ‘talking’ to you. Perhaps you need audio-books because of a problem with your eyes. In that case it’s a wonderful alternative of course.


So why don’t I listen to audio-books? There are several reasons. First and perhaps foremost: I’m a writer. When I listen to someone, my mind is going on about what I hear, trying to filter out something that I might be able to use in a story, or perhaps there’s something that might trigger an entire story. This in turn can make that I lose part of what’s read out, so I have to wind back to where I think I lost track of the narrative. (And I admit this also occasionally happens when I’m talking to someone!) Another reason is that usually an audio-book is read in one voice. When I read a book myself, each character has its own voice, so in an audio-book something is missing in that respect. And perhaps the last reason, be it not the least one, is that I like to sit or lie down and read. In silence, with no sound except the voices of the characters that speak to me from the pages.

With a book to read, be it on paper, on e-ink or on a tablet, I can stop and let my mind wander along what I’ve read. See the places where the story is playing, look at the surroundings that are not described. That’s something I can’t do with an audio-book.

Again, this is my take on audio-books. If you like or love them, more power to you! Let’s be happy that there are so many different ways for people to enjoy what’s been written.

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  1. Iv tried audio-books, and I have to agree with you. I like to let my mind think over what I have read, also if the voice is annoying it can ruin the book the I end up being a little mad and it ruins the experience of a good book.

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