The work of today

Dear reader,

I’ve been busy today. The last chapters of Hilda 11 were moved to the e-book file. Then I reformatted a copy of the file for the paperback version of Hilda 11 and moved all that to the print-on-demand service “” from where it will be available. I must say that the cover looks quite good to me – but I shouldn’t be the judge.


You’ll get to see the final version tomorrow, so hold your breath just a little longer.

Next to all the work on Hilda 11 I have also progressed with a side-story that comes from the 6th Hilda book. That will be the Story of the Mimosa, for which now 30 of the 53 chapters are edited. And this story, dear reader, seems to receive a musical addition! But more about that some other time. I wish you a good weekend!

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