Book review – Lady of Devices

Title: A Lady of Devices
Author: Shelley Adina
Genre: Steampunk


A Lady of Devices was a very nice surprise. Lady Claire Trevelyan is not your average young lady who’s about to leave school. Happenings in her family make that her world falls apart, while the dream she has for her future is crumbling at the same rate.

Shelley Adina then takes Claire’s life into a very different direction, with turns that no one sees coming. Problems stack up, houses burn and a villain gets killed by accident, and Claire gains a new ‘family’, one she had never dreamt of. All these events then lead to an end in the book that I had half expected but had no real idea of how it would happen.

A Lady of Devices is a very enjoyable read with surprising turns and twists, and worth reading again. I very much appreciated how combustion engines and the “Arabian Bubble” were used in the story, for which I highly commend Miss Adina.

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