Nanowrimo-issue. A question for my readers.

Dear Reader,

nanowrimoAs I did the last 6 years I intend to venture into the madness of Nanowrimo again this year. After some pondering the subject for this year’s writing craze I remembered having two options last year. As one of them was written then (the history of the Mimosa, readers of Hilda – Lycadea will remember that ship), I thought that writing the other idea would be a good one for this year. It is meant to be a fantasy story about the members of an orchestra. Not your average orchestra of course.

However! Another idea has popped up, thanks to a few mails and mentions. The alternative idea consists of a sequel to Green Haven. This offers possibilities as well.

As you are the ones who will be subjected to the reading of what I write, here is my question to you: what would you like me to use as the Nanowrimo story for 2013?

A: the Orchestra, or
B: the sequel to Green Haven?


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