Indie Promotion – Buck & Tangee: Things that Happened

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Buck & Tangee: Things that Happened

jon zech
by author Jon Zech

Ebook Short Description: I thought when I finished this book, I was through writing. My editor thought otherwise and said I had to write something for the back cover to sort of sum up what the book was about. I guess that makes sense, and I figured it would be easy. It wasn’t. Every time I tried to chop a forty page section down to two or three sentenses, it sounded stupid. Look:
The first section is about how my brother, Roy, and I tried to start a men’s only, beer allowed, version of one of those PlastiQueen kitchenware parties. It didn’t go well. There. See? Does that sound like a story you’d want to read? Maybe.

And the second part, about how four buddies and I took a trip out to Vegas in a reconditioned, forty-year-old school bus. Lots of things happened, but I can’t cut any of them down to just a few words. Okay, here’s one: When we pulled in to our very first overnight campsite, we had no idea we’d wake up in the morning, axle deep in…. No. I’m just not going to spoil it.

Then in the third section, Tangee got a job and I wrote this book.

Where to find. You can find the e-book on

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